You gotta stay true to your roots. JessLove is layin' it down live for her home-state, California. Very SOON! 


"Celebrate" just hit retail and online stores all across this great land. Be inspired and Buy it NOW!

"Uneasily Broken" was released in November 2013.



An artist with a difference, she ministers hope and light through her music to the hurt and the lost. JessLove (SPC Jessica Ransom, US Army MP) certainly has a story to tell being a veteran of war, returning from Afganistan {to find what used to be home, no longer a home.} Through trials and tribulation she has been molded into this beautiful woman now singing for those fighting abroad separated from their families and uncertain of their return home.Born in San Francisco, Ca and raised all over the west coast, from Los Angeles, Ca to Washington State and back to the bay area and finally Sacramento, Ca. For more go to "my story"

i am JessLove

To inspire

  • Celebrate - JessLove3:20
  • Uneasily Broken - JessLove 0:00